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Learning hands-on in a breathtaking, and unique location!
Field trip to the Bregenz Festival with a course workshop held by Artistic Director Elisabeth Sobotka
On June, 20th 2016 our Music Management Class, MM10, was invited to visit the Bregenz Festival. Artistic Director Elisabeth Sobotka spent the entire day with the students affording them the singular opportunity to take an exclusive glimpse behind the curtains. Music Management student, Lisa Magdalena Daxböck, talks about their field trip to Bregenz.

Our first impression on that day was the outstanding view from Elisabeth Sobotka’s office window – from where you can see the spectacular floating stage, including the set for Giaccomo Puccini’s Turandot, inspired by the great wall from China and Terracotta figures.

„With a view to the breathtaking scenery

we’ve learned a lot of interesting facts

about the festival.“

Isabel Unger, student.


Following a thorough introduction to the Bregenz Festival, and its unique position in the international Classical Music scene, Artistic Director, Elisabeth Sobotka gave us a detailed overview of her role and duties, whilst guiding us through the entire festival site and concert areas. We were able to see the „Weatherkitchen“, were the weather is observed very precisely – a mandatory element for an open-air performances.


Our class also inspected the different stages within the building, where the orchestra is also housed – the audience can only see the vocal performances on the floating stage while the orchestra performs in the concert hall and the sound is transmitted via the festival’s state-of-the art sound system.


Various working areas


We visited wide range of working areas, some of which we wouldn’t have expected or thought about. Those range from divers adapting, controlling and repairing the floating stage, to highly skilled sound technicians. It was quite stunning to notice how extremely well everyone works together.
In the afternoon, we then had exclusive access to the floating stage. When you are on the stage, everything seems even more impressive: Technical refinements, or the large “terracotta army” standing behind the “great wall of China.”


„Our personal highlight was to go to the

highest point of the stage, „Turandot’s tea house“.

Günther Thummerer, student


Elisabeth Sobotka and the stage manager explained the lighting system, the extremely high-tech sound system and the movable stage / rotating platforms.

At the end of the day, we had the chance to attend a rehearsal of Hamlet by Franco Faccio, which will be performed in 2016 in the Festspielhaus.

All in all, we’ve gained extraordinary, and detailed insights into the Bregenz Festival and we all agree the Bregenz Festival is definitely worth a visit!

You can watch a short video from our trip to Bregenz here!


„I’m looking forward to attending Turandot this Summer and

I am very excited about the performance in this unique location.“

Lisa Magdalena Daxböck, student


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Lisa Magdalena Daxböck