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Jazz in Contemporary Music: Three new compositions premiered in Zeillern.
Krems/Zeillern. On August 3, 2016, three compositions from the Certified Program "Jazz in Contemporary Music" have been premiered by the Jugendjazzorchester NÖ under the baton of Christoph Cech.


The concert started with Josef Kapfenberger's "Aus heiterem Himmel". Following Cech's piece, "Holzmusik," the orchestra performed Ulrich Barth's "Tango politeia", a work through which the composer portrays political discontent in sound and rhythm. The next work in the program was Christoph Cech's "Höhenluft," followed by the evening's third premiere, the bluesy "A Hurting Kind of Guy" also featuring the composer, Kurt Koblížek, as vocalist.



"Jazz in Contemporary Music"-Course Director and head of the Musikfabrik Niederösterreich, NAME,? paid tribute to the students who in only two semesters, supported by lecturers Richard Graf and Christoph Cech, wrote extensively for the jazz orchestra. Eva Maria Stöckler, head of the Centre for Contemporary Music at the Danube University Krems thanked everyone, paying special attention to the collaboration with the Jugendjazzorchester NÖ, performing the works in such a professional manner.
"Jazz in Contemporary Music" starts each year with the Jazz Academy Zeillern and is a collaboration between the Musikfabrik NÖ, and the Center for Contemporary Music at the Danube University Krems.


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Gottfried Zawichowski, Richard Graf, Kurt Koblizek, Uli Barth, Josef Kapfenberger, Eva Maria Stöckler, Christoph Cech

Credit: Hans-Peter Manser




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