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Stimmen - hören und sehen at Danube-University Krems
On November 17 a concert of the Vienna Chamber Choir under the direction of Michael Grohotolsky ended an interdisciplinary focus on campus culture.


Following the motto "Stimmen! Hören! Sehen!" -- the event opened with "Musik_Bilder", an exhibition by painter Herwig Zens, whose works often depitc music related themes and musicians..


In his speech, Danube University Rector Mag. Friedrich Faulhammer, emphasized the importance of art as it applies to science, and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anja Grebe, director of the Department for Arts and Cultural Studies, introduced the audience to by Herwig Zens's works. The university choir, CHORyphäen, provided a lovely musical accompaniment under the direction of Mag. Cornelia Pesendorfer.


"Stimmen! Hören!" was also the title of a vibrant choral workshop, designed by Erwin Ortner, head of the Arnold Schoenberg Choir, and 2016 artist-in-residence with the program "Musik Aktuell," featuring numerous singers.

Stimmen H _ren Sehen _herwig Zens

Herwig Zens (Foto: A. Reischer)



Stimmen H _ren Sehen _choryph _en Stimmen H _ren Sehen _erwin Ortner Stimmen H _ren Sehen _gruppenfoto
Photo: Andrea Reischer ZOOM
Photo: Andrea Reischer ZOOM
Photo: Andrea Reischer ZOOM
Eröffnung mit den CHORyphäen
Chorworkshop mit Erwin Ortner

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