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Center for Applied Music Research

Center of the Department for Arts and Cultural Sciences

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Head: Dr. Eva Maria Stöckler

The Center for Applied Music Research focuses on academic research and teaching cultural heritage topics within the music field including challenges and opportunities emerging through technological innovations and societal behaviors. Emphasis is given on relationships between aesthetics, economic conditions and societal expectations; in addition to diverse music network scenarios, music creation, production, distribution, and consumption.



The Center for Applied Music Research offers compelling study programs, specific training opportunities and further education within numerous music professional fields.





Research projects at the Center for Applied Music Research focus on the following competence areas creating the foundations for teaching:


Musical professional field research, the profession „musician", economic conditions and structures across music markets, and music life.


Additionally, reworking the music - cultural heritage landscape is an important objective, including the editing of the Collection Mailer / Strauss Archive, the processing of music history management focusing on the music of the Strauss family, as well as the processing of Monastic Music collections and archives, and Contemporary Music works.


The Center for Applied Music Research is also the promoter of the research platform "Haydnforschung Niederösterreich", a part of the "Haydn region of Lower Austria" dedicated to the childhood and adolescence of Joseph and Michael Haydn as well as their choral works.


Moreover, the Center promotes cross-disciplinary methodological approaches and collaborations with national and international cooperation partners.