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Music Management: Open Lecture Day with Benedikt von Walter
Benedikt von Walter: „Principles of a Digital Media Economy“
The seminar “Principles of a Digital Media Economy” covers fundamental principles of a digital economy and its effects on media markets and business. All successful media businesses will also be digital. At the same time, all traditional businesses will become media businesses to a certain extent as they publish and market themselves via digital media channels. Thinking in modules, using network effects, and understanding the future role of middlemen are just three of the vital principles in a digital world, which is at the verge of becoming the “New Normal” right now.
Benedikt von Walter holds a Ph.D. from Munich University and is a Professor for Digital Economy & Management at Steinbeis University Berlin. He published several peer-reviewed articles, was invited to the London School of Economics and works as a consultant.
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Photo: Martina Gruber ZOOM
Photo: Martina Gruber ZOOM
Photo: Martina Gruber ZOOM
Musik Management, MA
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