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Learning hands-on in a breathtaking, and unique location!
Field trip to the Bregenz Festival with a course workshop held by Artistic Director Elisabeth Sobotka
On June, 24th 2017 our Music Management Class, MM11, was invited to visit the Bregenz Festival. Artistic Director Elisabeth Sobotka spent the entire day with the students affording them the singular opportunity to take an exclusive glimpse behind the curtains. The following represent some of our student impressions.






Stage 1


The Stage Set is really marvelous! It conveys the sense of dynamic motion

while being static making all the scenes truly vivid. The entire opera takes place on this stage.



Stage 3










The Opernstudio:One of the Festspielhaus projects whose goal is to explore new talents. It is amazing to attend rehearsals and realize how difficult it is to put every tiny part together on the stage and for the show.

Yu-Ting Chen


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