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Miguel Kertsman "Composer in Residence“ and Keynote Speaker at the French-Czech International Music Academy in Telč
Course Director Miguel Kertsman has participated in the 2017 French – Czech International Music Academy in Telč, Czech Republic, as a keynote speaker on Music Management ("The 21st Century Musician") and Composer-in-Residence holding Contemporary Music Interpretation Master Classes. The term "21st Century Musician" is at the core of the collaboration between the Danube University Krems, and the French - Czech Music Academy in Telč.
In 2016, the French-Czech Music Academy in Telč modified its long-term strategy and concept. The basics of musical instruction remain unchanged, but the program has been expanded to include comprehensive education for young artists. The complementary project “21st Century Musician” is aimed at providing Academy participants general insights and experience necessary for pursuing successful music careers in the contemporary landscape.

Since 2016, the Academy has included Music Management live lectures focusing on ongoing changes in European cultural environment, as well as radical changes on the globalized music market. The seminar raises awereness on important music career steps including overviews on the recording and live performance businesses. Young musicians also obtain useful and practical advice on self-management, marketing and PR activities.

This collaboration once again highlights the international focus of the Center for Contemporary Music further expanding the already existing collaboration between Danube University Krems and scientific institutions in Telč.

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Photo: Martina Gruber ZOOM
Photo: Martina Gruber ZOOM
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Photo: Martina Gruber ZOOM
Photo: Martina Gruber ZOOM
Photo: Martina Gruber ZOOM
French – Czech International Music Academy in Telč
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