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Professional Project Hands-on Experience from the Start
Year 1 Music for Applied Media students create and deliver sound design and music assets for a uniquely new and socially interactive “stereonarrative” film!
Linz based Krmpf Krmpf Studios have produced a ”stereonarrative” film (a newly developed screening method dividing the audience into two halves, with each group watching a different version of the film whilst sharing a common soundtrack and viewing experience) titled " merk|würdig” in close collaboration with Danube University’s MA Program in Music for Applied Media engaging students to create sound design and music cues for the movie.

Music for Applied Media MA students utilize the film as working material for creating diegetic and abstract sounds, in addition to supplemental music scoring under the supervision of DUK Faculty and Course Director, Miguel Kertsman. That in the context of the program’s Sound Design, Signal Processing, and Media Music Aesthetics courses. Course Director, Miguel Kertsman has also composed musical themes for the soundtrack from which students develop and score additional music cues for the picture.

 „Having the opportunity to work on a real film project, already in our first program year is very exciting. As such we start gaining practical knowledge along with theory from the beginning, which is so important! This means not only the production of sound design and music needed in the movie, but also how to work efficiently in a team, how to deal with upcoming problems and challenges, and how to develop your ideas and solutions. An amazing experience!“
Manuel Brandtner, student Music for Applied Media MA Program 



An innovative concept for movies artistically using existing 3D technology infrastructure present in most movie theaters, developed by Krmpf Krmpf Studios.
In contrast to stereoscopy, where two image streams only vary slightly in visual perspective to create a 3D effect, “stereonarrativity” enables the two image streams to be utterly independent. As a result, one person and her / his neighbor will be watching two different movies or different perspectives of one film, while hearing the same soundtrack! Passive 3D glasses are manipulated so that each of them only transmits the “right” or the “left” image for both eyes of the respective audience member. While the audience shares the acoustic layer of the movie, one can visually tell two distinct but related stories: “stereonarrativity”.

“Stereonarrativity” compels those in the audience to interact and share their experiences – “why is my neighbor crying when this scene is so funny…” -- a basis for collective art consumption and human exchange, thus strengthening a key social aspect of cinema as an experience.

Presentation at the Ars Electronica Festival 7.-12.9.2017

The movie project will be presented at the Ars Electronica Festival from 7.-12.9.2017, and the entire film will be screened at a later date in the autumn.

About Krmpf Krmpf Studios

Krmpf Krmpf Studios are a non-commercial private film studio, founded 2003 in Linz (Austria) by Ehrentraud Hager, Magdalena Wurm, Alexander Niederklapfer and David Wurm and later joined by Liesa-Marie Wondraschek. Previous stop-motion and short film projects have received prizes such as the YOUKI Würdigungspreis, the Golden Nica Prix Arts Electronica 2006, and the Euroregional Youth Film Festival.
Photo: Krmpf Krmps Studios
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