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Music / Media / Business – A Path to Success!
International Master’s Program Music Management started on October 2, 2017.
The international master program Music Management has started in October 2017 at the Center for Applied Music Research, with students coming from Spain, Germany and Austria.
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Photo: "Music Management"-Studierende mit Miguel Kertsman, Eva Stöckler, Martina Gruber, Andrea Kaufmann und Romana Wurm.

Music Management focuses on all key aspects of the music industry including, among several others, international music markets, artist management, digital music and media businesses, distribution, entrepreneurship and self-management, publishing, record labels, and music presenters, as well as on IP and Entertainment law disciplines.

The Faculty team includes decision-makers from the music and media businesses such as attorneys Judith Merians, and Steven Masur, IP and entertainment law specialist from both Europe and the US, sound branding experts such as John Groves (e.g. Bacardi, Audi). The team also includes professors and researchers in the fields of music economics, music history, and music psychology among others. Hence, Course Directors Eva Maria Stöckler and Miguel Kertsman bring the international music management and media music businesses to Krems!

Registration for our next classes are already open!

Music Management

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Mag. Dr. phil. Martina Kalser-Gruber, (maternity leave)

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