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„Scoring for TV: Series, Film, Documentaries“
Upcoming lectures with TV-Composers Stefan Bernheimer and Titus Vadon
Danube University Krems MA Program in Music for Applied Media welcomes TV composers Bernheimer and Titus Vadon (credits include series, documentaries and movies such as „4 Frauen und ein Todesfall“, „Soko Kitzbühel“ or „Universum“) to work with its students!

This upcoming capstone course, one of the program's second year Composer-in-Residence workshops, focuses on composing and producing music for television series, films, and documentaries. Students have an opportunity to closely discuss business, creative, production, and music aesthetics aspects with established guest media composers.




Stefan Bernheimer

(Photo: Tom Sporer)

Stefan Bernheimer


Born in Vienna in 1963, Stefan Bernheimer began playing the guitar at the age of 15  soon gaining professional experience with a band. Following his graduation he studied jazz guitar at the Vienna Conservatory (diploma 1991). Since then he has performed in different band formations and worked as a guitarist, studio guitarist etc. at the „Hallucination Company“ (album: Special Night), „Jesus Messerschmitt“ (albums: Edelstahl and Jesus Messerschmitt), „Ostbahn Kurti und die Kombo“ (album Espresso Rossi) or Starmania.
Since 1999 Stefan Bernheimer composes music for various events (e.g. Expo 2000 Hannover, European Conference of Bank Austria) and has worked as a film composer for various TV productions with directors such as Andreas Prochaska, Wolfgang Murnberger, Michi Riebl, Xaver Schwarzenberger. In this context he has composed music for TV series such as 4 Frauen und ein Todesfall or Soko Kitzbühel, several episodes of the Tatort series and many more TV features.


>> Further information on his filmography



Titus Vadon


Titus Vadon was born in Vienna in 1963. At the age of nine he began playing the drums and two years later started performing in a dance music band. He made his first recordings in 1979 as a drummer of the group "Ferrum". In 1981, Titus devoted himself to the stage and music. Numerous musical collaborations followed, among others with Günther "Mo" Mokesch, Rudi Nemecek from "Minisex", Eberhard Forcher or Mike Majzen (“Jesus Messerschmitt”), „Brunner & Brunner“, „Drahdiwaberl“, Neal Schon from „Journey“, Steve Bailey, Wolfgang Ambros or Roman Gregory from „Alkbottle“.
Titus currently focuses on music productions for movies and original recorded instruments. In his music productions he preferably arranges and records acoustic instruments, mostly singer/songwriters and world music. On movie scores he composes, records and mixes also predominantly utilizing original instruments and various real-life objects. In this context Titus Vadon has composed music for TV documentaries such as Universum or Wahrzeichen (ORF III).


>> Further information on his biography and filmography 


Vadon Credits Hans Leitner

(Photo: Hans Leitner)



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Stefan Bernheimer
Titus Vadon