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Miguel Kertsman holds seminar at International Baroque Music Masterclasses
July 25, 2018 - Gaming (Lower Austria)
From 22 through to 28 July 2018, international baroque days took place at the Kartause Gaming in Lower Austria. Thanks to a cooperation with the Center for Applied Music Research, composer and program director Miguel Kertsman (master program "Music Management") was invited for the first time to hold seminars and lectures for participants of master classes in Gaming.



Miguel Kertsman, academic program director for the Master of Arts programs "Music Management" and "Music for Applied Media" at the Center for Applied Music Research, Danube University Krems, has held a seminar on several music industry topics and artist self-management on July 25, 2018 at the International Baroque Music Master Classes week in Gaming, Austria.


A very enthusiastic and engaged group of international students also had the opportunity to discuss career goals and challenges with Mr. Kertsman, a composer and musician himself, having also produced critically acclaimed recordings of the Baroque Music repertoire.


Further information about the International Baroque Music Master Classes 2018:




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