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Winners of the Architecture and Design Competition “Daylight Spaces“ are announced
Top Prizes for Innovative Daylight Concepts go to the Netherlands and Japan
The designs by Border Architects from the Netherlands and Takeshi Hosaka from Japan convinced the jury. The two architect-teams are the winners of the second “Daylight Spaces” competition to which 36 projects from 18 different nations were submitted. The projects by Patrick Uchal (Slovakia) and Franz Koppelstätter (Austria) received a special commendation by the jury. The projects were presented at a special awards ceremony within the framework of the Architecture Days held at Campus Krems on the 28th of May, 2010.
Clear-cut geometries and an effective lightening of indoor spaces made the jury vote for one of the two winning projects, the “Al-Light-Apartment House” by Border Architecture from the Netherlands. Takeshi Hosaka from Japan succeeded in creating an impressive blend of light and atmosphere with their "Love House - House for a Couple." This second winning project excels with its varied and poetic-like spaces creating moods that occur in both daylight and moonlight. This is made possible by a sensitive, introverted structuring of space with few but precisely set and designed openings. In addition, the jury lauded the simple, uncluttered and unique interior design.

Light Devotion

Besides the main winning projects two projects gained special appreciation by the jury: The simple basic form of a little prayer room by the Austrian Franz Koppelstätter, which was inspired by the construction of a typical Upper Austrian farmers chapel. Unlike the traditional model, the worshiper does not see an altar, but takes in a view of the surrounding landscape. The building geometry is open to the path of the sun and makes it possible for daylight to flood into the chapel through stained-glass windows. This creates, in combination with specially treated wooden surfaces, a remarkable enclosed atmosphere.

The urban situation and the attempt of an architectural interpretation of images of art make Patrick Uchal’s gallery a special project: The works of an important artist are exhibited in a museum in which each single painting is presented in a specially designed, pavilion-like room.

Assessment Criteria for Projects

“We direct our attention especially to the consideration of sustainability, design quality, user needs and positive effects on the environment. The merging of modern architecture with sustainable building structures, as well as the skillful use of natural light are primary goals of the teaching and research work at our department and those should be pursued in the submitted projects as well”, explains organizer and jury member, Gregor Radinger who is program director of of the new program “Daylight Architecture” at the Department for Building and Environment.

The winners can look forward to an Artist in Residence study visit for one month each in Krems. The prizes include accommodation, € 1 000,- grant, travel costs and the use of the lightlab of the Department for Building and Environment.

Organization and Partner

“Daylight Spaces” is oranized by the Department for Building and Environment of Danube University Krems in cooperation with AIR Artist in Residence Lower Austria, ORTE Architecture Network Lower Austria, Eckelt Glas GmbH and Velux. The organizers want to provide with the competition a platform upon which to raise awareness of planning with natural light.
vFrom left to right: Arch. DI Georg Bauer (ORTE Architecture Network Lower Austria), Heinz Hackl (Velux), DI Dr. Renate Hammer, MAS (Danube University  Krems), DI Gregor Radinger (Danube University  Krems) with one of the winners of the competition, Arch. Henri Borduin (Border Architecture)
Photo: Lachlan Blair

Winning Projects

Project “Al-Light-Apartment House” by Border Architecture (NL)

Project "Love House - House for One Couple" by Takeshi Hosaka (Japan)

Projects with Special Appreciation by the Jury

Chapel by Franz Koppelstätter (Austria)

Gallery by Patrick Uchal (Slovakia)


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