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TIA Teaching in Architecture

Conference 2007

Danube University Krems
14.09.2007 - 15.09.2007
The conference will bring together instructors, research assistants and students in the field of sustainable architecture and building-engineering.


To exchange experience how to enhance the quality of courses in sustainable design, didactic techniques, teaching materials, films, experiments and pc-tools.
To identify vehicles and experience to bring sustainable architecture into discussion in the university community and to the public.
To explore ways to integrate the subject into the overall degree program of courses, identifying mechanisms to share exercises, lectures and encourage cross-dialogues.
Successful teaching methods targeted for students of architecture, engineering and combined studies will be shared. How can the minds and hearts of the students be reached? What feedback comes back from students? What wins their attention? What are Do's and Don'ts for motivating students for the subject?  
Teaching concepts in sustainable achitecture and engineering
Different concepts of teaching sustainable building design will be presented and brought to discussion. Beside architectural courses there will be a focus on educational programmes for engineers and on methods of cross-border coeducation of engineers and architects.  
Solar architectural design theory and methods
An exchange of experience will explore how sustainability principles have influenced architectural theory in the past, currently and in the future. The goal is to find answers to questions like: is sustainable architecture a new art of design?Does solar architecture need a specific design education?Do we need to integrate sustainable architecture into the traditional design education or do we need a specific design education?  
Town planning
On the urban scale, sustainable cities as a teaching and research topic will be discussed. Of particular interest is how changes in mobility, and means of transportation of people and goods, aging of the population, etc. will affect the evolution of the urban structure.  
General Information
Call for Papers
We invite colleagues who are active in or responsible for teaching and learning in the field of sustainable architecture and building-engineering to contribute proposals to the TIA 2007 conference. Generally all proposals are welcom that fit to the objectives and topics ofthe conference.