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Scientific Services
Head:   Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. Dieter Falkenhagen
The importance of organic material which is used in medicine is rising constantly, both in all implants and in part in extracorporeal systems such as hemodialysis. The rapid development of new implants, respectively other solutions for tissue and organ replacement, has caused an increase in interest from the industry. Worldwide, there is a volume of 14 billion US dollars in the organic material sector, with a growth rate of 10-12%. Market leaders include, above all, Western Europe, the USA, and Japan.

Bio- and blood compatibility tests

Cytotoxicity: MTT-Test, Live/Dead-Test
Cytokine-induction: whole blood or PBMC-test with quantifizierung of cytokines (ELISA)
Complement activation: quantification of C3adesArg and C5adesArg with ELISA.
Blood coagulation activation: quantification of TAT, fibrinopeptide A
Metabolic change of blood cells due to contact with biomaterials:
- Erythrocytes (haemolysis)
- Thrombocytes (release of Serotonin)
- Granulocytes (release of Elastase)
- Monocyte (release of cytokines as TNF, IL-1Ra, IL-1b, IL-6)
Quantification of endotoxins (LAL-test)
Quantification of peptidoglycanes (SLP-test)

Clinical and biochemical analysis

Quantification of cytokines with ELISA
Quantification of uraemic toxins (BUN, Creatinine, b2-microglobuline)
Quantification of toxins in liver failure (bilirubin, phenole, tryptophan, fatty acids, bila acids)
Aminoacid analysis (HPLC, derivatisation with o-Phthtalaldehyd)


Quantification of amiodarone und vancomycin in serum/plasma

Medical prcess engineering

Characterization of dialysis- and plasma filters
- Ultrafiltration coefficients
- Sieving coefficients
- Transmembrane pressure

Immune system & haematology

Immune status (CD4+/B/T/NK/CD4/CD8-Zellzahlen)
Immunglobulines (IgG, IgA; IgM)
Leucemia and lymphome diagnostics
Leucocyte characterization with FACS
CD34+ stem cell monitoring
HLADR expression of leukocytes with FACS

Mircoarray technology

Our Affymetrix 428 (confocal Microarray Laser Scanner) allows the analysis of gene expression (mRNA). It can also be used to scan commercially available antibody-arrays. The system works with Cy3/Cy5 marked probes. Analyses with the scanner are also offered as services.

Electronic Sensor technology and medical technical development

Optical sensors for measuring color and fluorescence
Electronic development in low and high frequency areas
- development of medical sensors and devices
- Wireless transponder systems with very low energy consumption
- Sensor netzworks (ZigBee)
- Ultrasound sensor systems
Digital technical and software development on different platforms:
- Windows 98, 2000, XP
- Siemens C167
- Microchip PIC Prozessor family
- Atmel processors
- Texas Instruments MSP430xx ultra low power prozessors


ARS Arthro AG
Biotec Systems Krems GmbH
Gambro Group Schweden
Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH
ZKW - Hightech für die Automobil-Industrie
Fa. Digilog