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International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2012

Campus Krems
03.05.2012 - 04.05.2012
CeDEM12 brings together e-democracy, e-participation and open government specialists working in academia, politics, government and business.
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Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2012

3 - 4 May 2012, Danube University Krems, Austria




We would like to invite individuals from academic and applied backgrounds as well as business, public authorities, NGO, NPOs and education institutions to submit their papers, reflections as well as workshop proposals. We welcome interdisciplinary approaches to the emerging conference topics. This year we want to encourage practitioners to submit papers as we provide a specific section for non-academics. Conference language is English.







  • Anke Domscheit-Berg (OpenGov.me, DE)
    Who opens governments? The co-existence (or competition) of top down versus bottom up strategies

  • Arthur Lupia (University of Michigan, US)
    Evolving Technologies and the Human Dimension of Attempts to Increase Civic Competence

  • Ralph Schröder (Oxford Internet Institute, UK)
    The Internet, Science, and Transformations of Knowledge





List in random order:

  • eParticipation that works
    Francesco Molinari
  • Real Name Policy in E-Participation
    Michelle Ruesch, Oliver Märker
  • Speaking Danish in Japan: Good practice lessons to learn and emulate
    Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen, Noriko Igari
  • What kind of activist are you?
    Jakob Svensson, Christina Neumayer, Alexander Banfield-Mumb, Judith Schoßböck
  • SADproject.tv
    Alexander Kraicsich, Sarah Naber, Peter Purgathofer, Sylvia Purgathofer-Müller
  • Role of social media in political mobilization in Russia
    Anna Litvinenko
  • Bringing Citizens’ Opinions to Members of Parliament
    Ruxandra Geana, Steve Taylor, Timo Wandhoefer
  • Towards budget transparency and improvement in the South Kivu
    Emmy Rukamirwa Mbera
  • The impact of public transparency in fighting corruption: A study in Brazilian municipalities e-government Province
    James Batista Vieira
  • Mobilizing Effects of Online Campaigning
    Marianne Fraefel
  • Social Media and the Arab Spring
    Sohail Dahdal
  • Jobbik on Web. Right-wing extremism in Hungary
    Melani Barlai
  • Mapping the Austrian political Twittersphere
    Axel Maireder
  • The necessity of metadata for open linked data and its contribution to policy analyses
    Anneke Zuiderwijk, Keith Jeffery, Keith Jeffery, Marijn Janssen, Marijn Janssen
  • Internal data monitoring for Open Government
    Bernhard Krabina
  • A Temperature Check on Open Government. Accessing parliamentarians’ attitude towards democratic concepts
    Peter Parycek, Judith Schoßböck
  • Founding an E-government in Algeria by 2014: Prospects and Constraints for Implementation
    Boutkhil Guemide, Chellali Benachaiba
  • The Largest Democracy - India - Poised for Open, Transparent, Accountable, Responsive and Sensitive - OTARS - eDemocracy
    Singara Rao Karna
  • DualVote: A Generic User Interface Demonstrating High Usability with Prêt à Voter
    Damien Mac Namara, Ken Oakley, Paul Gibson
  • E-Participation Declined? Constituency Boundary Commission Review in Ireland
    Christina Griessler
  • Social computing potential for citizen engagement in public sector services
    Bojan Cestnik, Alenka Kern
  • Obsessed with Facebook – How the New Social Media are changing the Social and Political Landscape in Romania and Serbia
    Marc Rudolf Stegherr
  • The OurSpace project, connecting young people and decision makers
    Michael Sachs
  • Implications of open access and e-participation on democracy in Nigeria
    Michael Opeyemi Omilusi, Tayo Raymond Eegunlusi
  • E-democracy in Bulgaria
    Savina Ivanova Goleminova
  • Open Nuts! Open Government Data activities in Austria
    Brigitte Lutz, Gregor Eibl
  • Performance Measurement of MEMS Elements for Information Security of G-Cloud Channels
    Roumiana Ilieva, Silvia Bobeva
  • The fitness of OGD for the creation of public value
    Stefan Huber





List in random order:

  • Open Governmental Data
    Johann Höchtl, Carl-Markus Piswanger
  • FUPOL - E-Policy Making
    Peter Sonntagbauer
  • Open Access and Preservation in eGovernment
    Ross King
  • Open Linked governmental data for citizen engagement
    Anneke Zuiderwijk, Marijn Janssen, Keith Jeffery, Yannis Charalabidis



Social Events


Pre-Conference Get-Together

There will be a social event in the evening of 2 May 2012. This is the only event that is not included in the conference fee!
Location: Filmbar, Campus Krems (Wing E), www.filmbar.at
Time: 2 May 2012, 19:30


Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place at Hotel Steigenberger, which is a 5 min walk from the conference venue.

Location: Hotel Steigenberger

Time: 3 May 2012, 19:30


Post-Conference Get-Together

Do not leave the conference too early as we like to end our conference with cheese, wine and water on the terrasse in front of the conference main hall. If the weather is fine, you will enjoy it!

Location: Terrasse of the Conference Main Hall

Time: 4 May 2012, 16:45





Last Year's Conference: CeDEM11



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