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International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2016

Danube University Krems
18.05.2016 - 20.05.2016
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Submissions & Templates

Workshops, Reflections, PhD Papers

Workshops, Reflections and PhD Papers are published with Donau-Universität Edition and are available Open Access.

  • Use the required CeDEM template to submit  a reflection or a paper to the PhD Colloquium;
  • Use the CeDEM template for workshops to submit a workshop proposal;


Full Papers

Full papers are published by IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services (CPS).

  • Use the IEEE template for full papers;
  • If you are submitting a full paper, please do  not include your name, affiliation and author details until a decision has been taken after the peer-review!




Cedem Template For Workshops
Cedem Template For Phd Papers _reflections
IEEE Template for Full Papers and Instructions
CeDEM Template for Workshop Proposals.
CeDEM Template for Reflections and PhD Papers.
IEEE Template for Full Papers.

Length of Papers

Full papers: 12 pages maximum (anonymous; double-blind peer-reviewed);
Research papers/Case studies/Project papers: 12 pages maximum (anonymous; double-blind peer-reviewed);
Reflections: 6 pages maximum (selected by the chairs);
Workshops: 4 pages maximum (selected by the chairs);
PhD Colloquium papers: 7 pages maximum (excluding literature list; selected by the track directors of the colloquium);

Double-blind Peer Review: Anonymous Full/Research/Project Papers&CaseStudies

If you are submitting a full paper, a research/project paper or case study then the submission must be anonymous and not include the authors' names.

Workshop Proposals

If you are submitting a workshop proposal, make sure you address the questions in the template for workshops:

  • Topic;
  • Description and Objectives of the Workshop;
  • Relevance of the Workshop to the CeDEM Conference;
  • Questions to Be Addressed During the Workshop;
  • Format of Workshop;

Submission Site

Use the CeDEM16 EasyChair Submission Site to submit your paper (or type: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=cedem16)

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