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International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2016

Danube University Krems
18.05.2016 - 20.05.2016
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Open Space

The CeDEM provides an Open Space, where participants can have their own style of presentations, workshops, birds of a feather, events, meetings etc. Everybody with an interesting topic can host a session. The schedule of each session will be organised together with all participants in the respective session at the beginning of the open space. The CeDEM provides two standard lectures rooms that have standard presentation facilites.


Participation in the Open Space is free and open to the public. So you can bring your friends and aquaintances from the conference along. Coffee and pastries will be provided by the CeDEM.


If you are interested in presenting at the Open Space, apply for a slot here: http://goo.gl/forms/TMsUZ9bVu1


The schedule of the Open Space might change, so we recommend you check out the conference programme for updates.


Moderators of the Open Space are

Please contact them for any questions.



8:45-9:00   Arrival and coffee
9:00-9:15   Organisation of the sessions
9:15-13:00   Sessions, networking, chatting, coffee & pastries
13:00-13:10   Closing



The following talks and workshops have already registered for the Open Space. The schedule of these sessions will be planned collaboratively at the beginning of the open space.

  • Speed Dating on Smart Contracts (Michael Kolain, Christian Wirth)
  • Hack The Government! Empowering Citizens to Make Meaningful Use of Open Data (Francesco Molinari, Grazia Concilio, Ingrid Mulder, Louise Klitgaard Torntoft, Marc Aguilar)
  • Open Government Model for a Subnational Government (Maitane Leizaola)
  • OPIN: European toolbox for digital and mobile youth eParticipation projects by EUth (Evaldas Rupkus)
  • Collaboratively improving Open Data (Johann Höchtl)
  • Policy vs. Reality in Open Access Publishing in Academia, Industry, and Beyond (Thomas J. Lampoltshammer, Noella Edelmann, Judith Schoßböck)
  • ... tbc ...





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