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International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2017

Danube University Krems
17.05.2017 - 19.05.2017
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Location and Travel

CeDEM  is held at the Danube University Krems in the town of Krems. Krems and its medieval town center are the gateway to the Wachau, a UNESCO world heritage site and Austria's most beautiful valley along the Danube. The campus is surrounded by vineyards, hills and the river Danube, thus it provides a perfect place to relax and mingle with peers.

How to Get There

Krems is situated on the banks of the Danube in the state of Lower Austria. It is approximately 70 kilometers from Vienna. You can reach Krems via the railway, motorway and boat.

Danube University Krems @ Bing Maps

Danube University Krems @ Google Maps
Danube University Krems, "How to get there"


Danube-University Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems
Austria, European Union



You can contact the taxi company below to organise your transport from Airport Vienna to Krems and back again; indicate that you belong to the CeDEM17 Conference, Danube University Krems. The transfer from Airport Vienna to Krems costs EUR 78,- per taxi (up to 4 people). Other taxi companies might have different rates, so please check your rate in advance. If you want to share a taxi with other participants of the conference, feel free to use the taxi coordination sheet and contact other participants via their e-mail-address.

Please organise the transfer from Airport Vienna to Krems directly with the taxi company, as this company works independently from us. (However, you can arrange your transfer from Krems to Airport Vienna at the registration desk at the conference venue.)


c/o Herr Peter Winter

Columbusgasse 14/17
A-1100 Wien
Tel.: +43 650 95 12 000
email: airporttransfer2000@gmail.com


Public Transport

Hourly trains travel between Vienna and Krems and take about one hour. Getting from Vienna Airport to Danube-University takes about 2 hours and costs about EUR 19 (depending on the trains you choose). We recommend the following connection, although you might want to consider other connections presented to you on the Website of the Austrian National Railway (ÖBB). Beware: You cannot use your train tickets from the ÖBB for the underground in Vienna and you must have a train ticket before you enter the trains.


Take train line S7 or CAT from Vienna International Airport to Wien Mitte. ~ 16-24min. Beware, the CAT ticket is more expensive than the regular ticket for rapid transit railway (S-Bahn).
Directly at the train station Wien Mitte, walk to the underground station Landstraße. ~ 2 min.
Take the green underground line U4 from Landstraße to Heiligenstadt (final station). ~ 9 min.  

Website of Vienna's public Transport

Take the direct ÖBB-train labelled REX from Heiligenstadt to Krems an der Donau. ~ 57 min.



Take the ÖBB-Train labelled ICE from the Airport to St. Pölten. ~ 52 min.
Take the ÖBB-Train from St. Pölten to Krems an der Donau. ~ 35 min.

You find taxis and all the buses just in front of the train station in Krems.
There is also a bus shuttle directly at the taxi stand. The bus has “Campus Shuttle, WL3” written on it and it is for free if you have a valid train-ticket. ~2 min.

> Timetable Campus Shuttle: to get from the train station (Krems Bahnhof) to the conference venue (Universität).



Accommodation and Tourism

Please visit the following tourist information websites:

Krems: tiscover
Regional Tourism Site


Here is a list of the three hotels that are closest to Campus Krems:

Kolping Campus Krems
arte Hotel Krems
Hotel Steigenberger


Please mention at the hotel that you are a participant of CeDEM17 to get a special rate.


We recommend to spend at least one extra day in Krems to visit some of the many places in the area that offer beautiful nature and rich cutlural heritage.


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