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International Conference for E-Democacy and Open Government, Asia 2018

Yokohama, Japan
12.07.2018 - 13.07.2018
International Conference for E-Democacy and Open Government, Asia 2018

Following eleven successful conferences in Austria and three inspiring conferences in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea, we are looking forward to continuing the forum in Asia for exchange of ideas, networking, and collaboration.


CeDEM Asia 2018 was hosted in Yokohama (Japan)
from 12-13 July 2018

Smart (or Dumb) Governance: Digital Innovation in the Era of Populism and Political Polarization


     >>> To access the open access conference proceedings, click here <<<



Conference Themes:

  • Political polarization, campaigning, populism, civic engagement, e-government, smart cities



Shanto Iyengar, Stanford University:

Intense Partisanship: Implications for Electoral Accountability

Frances Lee 02

Francis Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong:

Creating Polarization as a Political Strategy in an Authoritarian Context

Mario Voigt, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin:

Winning at all Cost: The Future of Democratic Elections

Conference Chairs:


  • Marko M. Skoric, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
  • Tetsuro Kobayashi, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
  • Peter Parycek, Danube University Krems, Austria
  • Nojin Kwak, University of Michigan, USA
  • Torben Stephan, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Singapore

Local Chair:

  • Muneo Kaigo, University of Tsukuba

Track 1: Social Media and Citizen Participation

Track Chairs: Natalie Pang, Robert Krimmer

Track 2: E-government and E-democracy

Track Chairs: Liang Ma, Thomas Lampoltshammer

Track 3: Smart Cities and Emerging Topics

Track Chairs: Yueping Zheng, Gabriela Viale Peireira

Track 4: Political Polarization Workshop – Social Media and Political Polarization in Non-U.S. Contexts

Workshop Chairs: Tetsuro Kobayashi and Marko M. Skoric

Call for Papers

See the call for papers here

Further Information and Contact:

Organisation of CeDEM Asia 2018 and Registration
Mr. Glenn Chong, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung: glenn.chong@kas.de 
Programme and CeDEM Asia Conference Series
Judith Schossboeck: judith.schossboeck@donau-uni.ac.at
Marko M. Skoric: mskoric@cityu.edu.hk


Programme and venue information

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Cedem Asia 2018 Final
Programme CeDEM Asia, 2018
Venue information Yokohama, CeDEM Asia 2018

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