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E-Democracy Conference

Danube University Krems (Austria)
29.09.2008 - 30.09.2008
„E-Democracy“ has managed the jump from trendy “e-word” to reality. Following recommendations issued by the European Council, studies and projects conducted in Europe are starting to provide initial findings and results.

Conference Programme

Edem-duk Conference Programme
There are a number of E-Democracy applications, ranging from providing information to discussion, deliberation, decision-making and voting, thus encompassing the entire democratic process. The technical devices have become a means to an end, and there are other questions that now need to be raised and answered:
To what extent can E-Democracy support and enrich our democracy?
What and where are the interfaces, what methods can be used to integrate E-participation in present politics public administration processes?
How can we ensure that the greatest number of people are reached and are able to use the means of participation?
How can the modern media support political education?
How can the Internet increase participation in political discussion?
What are the limitations and the risks of E-Democracy?
The EDem2008 conference presents the opportunity to look into these questions and discuss the answers. During the conference experiences will be collected, examples good and bad practice analysed, the State-of-the-Art and future scenarios will be presented and discussed.
We are looking for contributions on all areas and levels of electronic democracy and participation systems, precedence will be given to those contributions which include national and/or international experiences. Concrete projects can also be submitted, and, if accepted, would be presented as examples of “hands-on” demonstrations of E-Democracy and E-Participation.

Papers and projects can be submitted in English or German, the tracks in German and English language will be held parallel.

We invite individuals from academic and practical backgrounds as well as public administration offices, public bodies, NGOs, education institutions and independent organisations, to submit their contributions.

Cost: EUR 95,- including proceedings

The Proceedings will be published by the OCG (Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft)

In cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.
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