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EDEM Conference 2009

Electronic Democracy Conference 2009

University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna
07.09.2009 - 08.09.2009
Program Committee



The following workshops have been confirmed:


  • Ann Macintosh (Leeds University) / Jeremy Millard (Danish Technological Institute)

      European eParticipation Study: Capturing Good Practices

      Contact: Jeremy.Millard[at]teknologisk.dk


  • Lasse Berntzen (Vestfold University, Norway)

      Open source and eDemocracy

      Contact: lasse.berntzen[at]hive.no


  • Edith Maier (University College St. Gallen, Switzerland)

      Usability and accessability in eDemocracy systems

      Contact: edith.maier[at]fshg.ch


  • David Newman (Queen's University Belfast)

      Values and evaluating eParticipation

      Contact: d.r.newman[at]qub.ac.at


  • Daniel van Lerberghe, Dan Jellinek, Rolf Luehrs, Bengt Feil (TuTech Innovation, Hamburg, Germany) and representatives from the CEE Citizens Network and ASAEL, Spain
    Participatory planning: conflicts, context and cooperation
    Contact: luehrs[at]tutech.de
    Note: No ppt.s allowed during this workshop!