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Validation of non-formal/informal learning in Russian Higher Education
Head:   Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Baumgartner
VALERU addresses the validating of non-formal/informal learning in Higher Education in Russia, with a focus on learning outcomes from professional experience (work based learning), a key approach for supporting LLL. The project is funded within Tempus as a national structural measure and is based on a strong cooperation between European and Russian HEIs & HE networks leading in the field of validating of NIL as well as networks of SME and professional associations.
Contracting Organisation   Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, Tempus structural measure 
Duration   1.12.2013 - 30.11.2016 
Status   ongoing 
Project Coordination  Danube University Krems 
Project Partners  Berlin University of Professional Studies, Germany
University of Chester, United Kingdom
Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France
European University Continuing Education Network EUCEN
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography
Moscow State Academy of Business Administration
Agency of Educational Strategies and Initiatives "Bologna Club"
Ufa State University of Economics and Service
Prof. Qualifications Development Agency of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University, Tula
All Russian Non-governmental organization of small and medium business "OPORA RUSSIA"
Project Team IMB   Prof. Dr. Peter Baumgartner
Isabell Grundschober, BSc
Gerhild Schabasser
Wolfgang Rauter, MSc 
Further Staff  Lil Reif,
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mag. Elisabeth Neumayer 

Project Overview

VALERU aims to establish mechanisms and human resources for the validation of non-formal/informal learning (NIL) in
Russian Higher Education in order to ensure sustainable development of Russian HE.


The first objective of VALERU is the development of a national methodological basis for validating NIL in HE, harmonized
with European best practice and in line with Bologna and the strategic objectives of EU 2020. The focus lies on NIL at the
work place (work based learning: WBL), seen as a key element when it comes to supporting LLL and linking HE to the
labour market. This approach focuses on the learner and how to integrate his/her learning outcomes developed at the
work place into study programmes, making the project highly relevant for qualification frameworks and the cooperation
between HEIs and the world of work in the delivery of study programmes. The second objective is the establishment of a
platform on validation of NIL in HE based at the Bologna Club, a Russian network of HEIs. Third objective is the training of
experts for the validation of learning outcomes deriving from NIL, establishing a pool of experts in this field. Fourth
objective is the piloting of validation of NIL in the Russian partner HEIs.

Thus, VALERU provides a methodological basis for validation of NIL in Russian HE, based on European approaches and
well grounded in the Russian HE system and the necessities of the Russian labour market; in order to integrate learning
outcomes from NIL as invaluable ressource in the context of fastly changing needs of the labour market and the
development of LLL in general. It raises awareness among all stakeholders (government, citizens, HEIs, companies) for
the importance to integrate NIL learning outcomes in HE in order to ensure the growing demand of highly qualified,
trained HR.


Project contribution by the IMB

Beside the overall coordination of the project, the main contribution of IMB will be to support in the analysis of validation approaches in Europe and based on this, in the development of a validation methodology to be used in Russian HEI. Furthermore, we will help to develop and carry out trainings for future experts for the validation of nonformal and informal learning, contributing specifically also with our knowledge and experiences with educational technology to support validation processes, for example, the eportfolio or the open badges initiative.

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