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Validation for Inclusion of New Citizens of Europe
The EU project VINCE fosters integration of new European citizens by enabling qualified individuals to enter higher education. The project is coordinated by Spanish partner EUCEN and is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programm of the European Union.
Contracting Organisation  EU (Erasmus+)  
Duration   12/2016 to 12/2019  
Status   ongoing  
Project Coordination   EUCEN (European University Continuing Education Network) 
Project Partners   13 partners 
Project Team IMB   Prof. Dr. Peter Baumgartner (Coordinator)
Isabell Grundschober, BSc (Academic Staff)
Gregor Pirker (Technician) 

Immigrants' and refugees' competences are usually not easily recognised in the host society, so validation procedures are crucial for the newcomers. VINCE will develop university staff training in validation, adapting existing proven validation methods to meet the specific needs of newcomers so that they can access higher education and more easily integrate into European society.

The IMB team will contribute by developing an interactive information platform. The project started its work in late December 2016.


VINCE Project