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Mission Statement

The objective of the Center for Integrated Sensor Systems is to investigate concepts and methodologies for smart sensors, their design, interconnection, and application.


Integration is understood as a combination of the following aspects:

  • Functional Integration: mechanisms to combine various sensor principles in order to improve accuracy, measurement range, or robustness, but also to increase fault tolerance
  • Circuit Integration: miniaturization of the sensor or the components relevant for signal processing
  • System Integration: connecting sensors to higher-level systems


To that end, the center combines expertise in the fields of sensor technology, microelectronics, embedded systems, and communication technology in a multidisciplinary way. Adequate modelling plays a central role in both the analysis and design of sensor systems; methods employed range from the investigation of analytical models to numerical analysis.


Research focuses on system design aspects. The objective is to devise transducers, controller, and signal processing structures as well as networking solutions optimized for system integration. Specifically interesting are power-aware, robust, networked sensor systems based on active measurement principles and exhibiting a high dynamic range. Application fields for such sensor systems are not confined and may comprise industrial, automotive, environmental, and medical devices.


Co-operation with external partners is of high significance in the definition and implementation of research projects. The center collaborates with research institutes (both university and non-university) and industrial partners alike. Current projects comprise problems from automation, medical technology, or test and measurement technology.


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