Symposium "Bridging the gapthe gap between research and psychotherapy practice"

Danube-University Krems, Audimax
01.06.2018 - 02.06.2018
The Department of Psychotherapy and Biopsychosocial Health of the Danube University Krems organizes from 1st to 2nd June 2018 the 15th Symposium “Kremser Tage” with the theme "Bridging the gap between research and psychotherapy practice"

Keynotes and workshops address the question, if and how innovative approaches in research with regard to psychotherapy, psychosomatics, supervision, counseling, and training can enrich psychotherapy practice. International experts discuss challenges and opportunities of these new strategies.




Friday, 1st Juni 2018, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (in German)

• 09:30-10:20 Anton Laireiter - Ausbildungsforschung in der Psychotherapie: Stand der Entwicklung
½ h coffee break
• 10:50-11:40 Sylke Andreas - Psychodynamische Psychotherapieforschung: Einzelfallanalysen zum Zusammenhang von Beziehungstests und Mentalisierungsfähigkeit
• 11:40-12:10 Maria Kleinstäuber - Lost in Translation? Psychotherapieforschung aus Sicht der Therapeuten

• 12:10-13:00 Günter Schiepek - Mehrebenen-Prozessforschung: Konsequenzen für die Praxis


1 h lunch break, Workshops after lunch

Saturday, 2nd Juni 2018, 9 a.m. to 12 noon (in English)

• 09:00- 10:00 Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces - How to treat which patient with depressive disorders

• 10:00- 11:00 Jaime Delgadillo - Personalizing psychological therapy

½ h coffee break
• 11:30- 12:30 Michael Lambert - Enhancing patient outcomes through technological advances





Friday, 1st June 2018, 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

1. Eva Rathner - Hilfe aus dem App Store: Was sagt die Forschung und was bringt es für die Psychotherapiepraxis? (in German)

2. Sylke Andreas - Unbewusste Beziehungstests und Mentalisierungsfähigkeit und ihre Relevanz in psychodynamischer Psychotherapie (in German)

3. Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces - Early career experiences delivering and tailoring with cognitive-behavioral therapies for depression and anxiety (in English)

4. Anton Laireiter - Ausbildungsforschung in der Psychotherapie (in German)

5. Jaime Delgadillo - Case formulation and treatment planning for complex cases (in English)

6. Günter Schiepek - Prozessmonitoring und Prozessfeedback in der Routinepraxis: Das Synergetische Navigationssystem (SNS) (in German)


Friday, 01.06.2018, 6 p.m. evening snack



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• Registration online on this web-site.
• Cancellations are not possible exept from illness (cancellation fee must be paid)



Target groups: psychotherapists, psychotherapy trainees, counselors, supervisors, physicians and other groups working in the context of psychotherapy, psychosomatics, supervision, counseling, and training.



The symposium is a cooperation with the ÖGPPM
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