Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies

The concept of lifelong learning requires us to look at continuing vocational training, continuing academic education and general adult education in connection with one another with an aim of creating new, innovative learning architectures that focus on learners and the skills they acquire in different phases of their lives. The management within and of educational institutions and expert organisations is a critical factor for the success of this. It is against this background that the department is linking applied research with practice-orientated continuing education with implementation scenarios for state-of-the-art educational technologies.

For the latter, three main areas are at the centre of our work:

>> Learning: how can we support individual and collaborative learning?
>> Media: Who is producing and who is consuming media in a participation culture? What impact do new media have on our daily lives?
>> Society: How does technology change the societal structure?

One of our main goals is to foster the interdependencies between research and teaching: findings made in our research projects are included in our courses, while our study programmes stimulate new research endeavours.

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