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Short-term Programs

Danube Business School
Team of Danube Business School
If you'd like to develop your knowledge and skills in one of our specialized study and competence areas and part-time study is too time-consuming for you, why not complete one of Danube Business School's short programs. Benefit here from practice-oriented expert knowledge and our speakers' and students' networks.

Academic Programs (AP) and Certified Programs (CP) are separate university courses. In short, compact, units they teach management skills and management tools in functional areas of businesses or industries that you can apply immediately in your organization. Depending on the short program selected, they comprise several modules (each between 3 and 6 days) and can also be credited toward future university MBA and MSc courses of study. You graduate with an academic certificate from Danube University Krems.

Corporate Programs
Together with corporations, Danube Business School has developed short programs for specific ongoing needs that take desired continuing education content and associated skills into account. You only need to register for your specific staff education needs and we will support you as educational experts.

You can attend individual, technically specific modules of interest to you as individual seminars thereby specializing your technical knowledge. Successfully completed seminars can later be credited toward an MBA program.
You can tailor your individual learning to meet specialized knowledge needs by choosing to attend specific technical seminars. Successfully completed seminars can later be credited toward an MBA program.


Student´s Profiles

Uschi Roittner


Uschi Roittner (40)



Certified Program Corporate Responsibility & Business Ethics

Work experience: 21, Leaderhip experience: 4
pando | the csr lab

"I strongly believe that it is essential for companies to actively deal with their impact on society and environment and assume responsibility for their business practices. For me, CSR is no longer a „nice to have“ but a „must have“ - and that is why I chose to study „CSR & Business Ethics“. I developed an additional competence for my own consulting service and got new input on how I personally can contribute to increase moral and ethical standards in daily business."



Christina Putz


Christina Putz (33)



Certified Marketing & Sales Manager

Work experience: 10, Leadership experience: 4,5

Nikon GmbH


„Auf der Suche nach Vertiefung meiner Marketing und Sales Kenntnisse haben mich genau die Inhalte des Programmes angesprochen. Dass die geblockten Termine beruflich für mich gut unterzubringen waren und gleichzeitig auch als Spezialisierung eines MBA-Programmes angeboten werden, waren ausschlaggebend für meine Entscheidung.“