Fields of Research Research Corner Stones

Research Corner Stones

The Danube University of Krems will focus its research activities on the four following areas of expertise based on the criteria of international visibility and the interdisciplinary:


The Field of Health and Medicine Competence
• Regenerative Medicine und Arthritis research
• Biomedical technology and Extracorporeal Blood Purification
• Epidemiology and evidence-based medicine
• Neurosciences
• Psychotherapy and psychosocial interventions
• Health Economics

The Field of Educational research and Lifelong Learning competence
• Orientation towards life phases
• Orientation towards learners
• Lifelong Guidance
• Orientation towards the competencies
• Promotion of participation in lifelong learning

The competence of European Integration, Migration and Economics
• European law and European Integration
• E-governance, e-participation and e-democracy
• Public administration and European Policy
• Globalization and Transcultural
• Migration and Integration in the economy and society
• Communication in the network society
• Strategic Enterprise Development with in the international context

The competence Field of art, culture and architecture
• Trans-disciplinary art and cultural research
• Collecting and recipient oriented communication
• Constructional Cultural Heritage

• Sustainable Building
• Interior Health and Comfort 

All four fields of competence are covered by the professors and are specifically developed by additional professors. The competence fields of educational research and lifelong learning have special importance to the Danube University Krems being a continuing educational university; therefore, these fields are designed to be specifically developed.