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Upgrade 2.20

upgrade 2.20 - Humans and Machine


Are we on the verge of the great digital leap? Working, and especially learning and teaching, has shifted to the Internet as a result of the corona pandemic. Issue 2-20 of the university magazine "upgrade", which focuses on "Education & Technology", outlines how digital education is now moving forward. The picture series  points up the "man-machine" interface and the milestones in the educational technology development describing learning theories reaching far back into the early 20th century (illustrations: Matthieu Bourel).


The entire issue is available on the German site

Humans - Machine

upgrade 2.18

upgrade 2.18 - what will remain

Teaserbild upgrade 2.18

Early day houses are replaced by new constructions, world heritage sites like Palmyra are destroyed by war and terror attacks, cultural assets are jeopardized as in Italy in 2016: what will remain, what shall remain from our cultural heritage, whether built, as collection or in digital form? Upgrade’s current edition sheds light on topics relevant for policy, tourism and identity manifestation depicting 9 examples by means of cultural heritage as a zone of conflict from the Buddha statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan to the wrangle about the world heritage site of Vienna’s center, subject heading: setback of the Canaletto view.

The entire edition is available on the German site
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