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We thank our graduates who support us energetically in organising the regulars‘ table in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


Erica Brühlmann-Jecklin, MSc

On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Zürich/Switzerland


"My reason for jointing the Alumni Club was to stay cordially connected to my University. I was very much in favour of the idea of an alumni regulars’ table and also wanted to show the University some of my heartfelt gratitude. This led to very pleasant encounters at the regulars’ table meetings. I realized that some alumni and students really enjoy the meetings. This was and still is a perpetual source of motivation for me. We in Switzerland prefer to call it the “Krems Meeting” rather than a regulars’ table. Of course one’s attendance is voluntary and should be that way because it ensures that the attendees are motivated colleagues who wish to exchange views and get to know the other courses. However, the most important thing is meeting one another. Yes, it’s also tinged with a little nostalgia."

Graduate of Supervision; point of focus: Health Care


Brigitte Knöll, MSc

On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Frankfurt/Germany

Kn _ll

"Joining the Alumni Club was a part of my self-image. It gives me simple access to further information and measures concerning interdisciplinary education and enables me to maintain relations with other graduates and students as well as establish new contacts. For these reasons I decided to organise the Alumni Regulars’ Table in Frankfurt am Main and also initiate the first regulars’ table in Cologne. The experience and knowledge I gained during a stay of several years abroad have convinced me of the importance of personal communication and the fact that it is deteriorating consistently in terms of value, quality and content in our digital era. In addition to gaining new insights and becoming acquainted with new viewpoints, these regulars’ tables provide the most meaningful thing in life: human contact that nourishes us (“alere” in Latin means “to nourish”) and also makes it possible for us to develop and consolidate our personalities. The benefit of these regulars’ tables is definitely the fact that one can exchange views with others, gain new experience, get to know other opinions, and rediscover one’s own pleasure of personal communication. Sometimes the small and apparently unimportant questions and comments get a longer discussion going at these regulars’ tables, and also give rise to relationships that go beyond the meeting itself. Besides, laughter and the creation of mutual trust can hardly be communicated through a computer."

Graduate of Communications MSc


DI (FH) Dipl.-Kfm. (FH) Andreas Frey, MSc
On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Krems


"After a very rewarding period of study, I was absolutely certain I wanted to remain connected to Danube University Krems. The Alumni Club has fulfilled my desire to remain a part of it and stay updated about everything that’s happening. The local organisation of the Krems Regulars’ Table was almost a matter of course because I like to work at the interdisciplinary level and am thus able to contribute to the networking of students and graduates. Our regulars’ table meetings are a colourful mixture of very diverse but always interesting personalities. During the conversations one can establish professional contacts, get to know about the various courses from the practical point of view, and also find personal connecting links with People."
Graduate of Facility Management


Karin Obermaier, MBA

On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Munich/Germany

Obermaier"Interest, perseverance, curiosity and sociability are, in my view, the main attributes required of any professional who undergoes an extra-occupational training course. Regardless of the structure of the training course, one becomes part of a committed community within a short period of time. Regular exchange of ideas – whether about professional problems or forthcoming aspects of the curriculum – help and motivate a person to deal better with the time one spends “in the same boat”. I joined the Alumni Club to stay in contact with “former comrades-in-arms” – whether for the purpose of exchanging experience or networking. For this reason I was very glad to assume responsibility for the local organisation of the regulars’ table. One meets interesting personalities from a variety of professional groups and this initiates mutual comprehension of various areas of work and new specialities. I believe that looking beyond the horizon is important - especially in an age of globalization. It’s just much more fun when that occurs on a face-to-face basis rather than through social media – regardless of whether one is a student or a graduate."

Graduate, Professional MBA Finance


Harald Morak, MBA, MSc

On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Munich/Germany

Morak"The Alumni Club is an important network of many graduates from various specialities and offers many useful events. As a graduate it is very important to have such network contacts on a professional as well as personal basis. As there had been no Alumni regulars‘ table in Carinthia (Kärnten, a state in Austria) for a very long time, I founded the regulars’ table in December 2013 and take care of it to the present day. The regulars’ table in Carinthia is a great place to establish contacts and friendships. The talks among Alumni Club members are of very high quality. Every graduate should utilise the opportunity to attend the regulars’ table. To put it plainly, it’s a meeting point for people who speak to each other and deal with each other at the same level.”

Graduate of Health Service Management and Health Care


Lorenz Gräff, MBA, BSc

On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Vienna

Gr _ff"The time I spent at Danube University Krems was very positive for me because I was able to establish many interesting new contacts in addition to utilising many other benefits. Therefore, entering the Alumni Club after completion of my studies was a matter of course. Since I have been on very cordial terms with the University after my graduation, I needed very little time to think it over and assume responsibility for the regulars’ table in Vienna. In turn, I was rewarded with a wealth of very interesting conversations and contacts. Interesting people with a most diverse range of professional points of focus meet here. They are connected to each other by their common interest in continuing education and receptive to new and unconventional points of view on various aspects of commercial life."

Graduate of Executive MBA, Krems


Mag. Klaus Tomasi, MBA

On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Salzburg

Tomasi"The regulars’ table in Salzburg has been in existence for several years and has offered many benefits to graduates and students alike. Its spectrum of activities extends from cosy evenings in pub gardens and lectures delivered by the circle of attendees to cultural events. The unique aspect of these meetings is the very diverse personalities and professions of the attendees, who have common features despite their pronounced individuality: outstanding commitment and a genuine interest in events beyond their own horizon. Apart from the fact that the Alumni Club makes it possible to hold our meetings because of its thorough background organisational work, it also provides the graduates an excellent opportunity to stay connected with Danube University Krems even several years after completing their courses. Personally I am grateful to Danube University Krems for many important impulses I received during my period of study. Giving something in return by supporting the local regulars’ table is, in my view, a logical consequence."

Graduate Executive MBA, Krems


Mag. Renée A. Taborsky, MBA

On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Linz

Taborsky"When the Graduates Association of the Business School (ABSK) was founded in 2004, its purpose was worded as follows: To be an active Alumni Club with a network for career options and transfer of knowledge according to the Anglo-Saxon ideal. Since the ABSK was very successful, Danube University Krems initiated the inter-faculty Alumni Club and thus relieved the ABSK of almost all of its work. To stay in contact with graduates and (potential) students I decided to assume responsibility for the regulars’ table in Linz. Since this time I always look forward to the exciting conversations and discussions at the meetings, as well as a lot of humour and fun."

Graduate Executive MBA Krems


Christine Pint, MSc

On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Graz

Pint Christine"Being a graduate of Danube University Krems, and with several years of experience in health and nutrition, I was most enthusiastic about taking responsibility for the organisation of the Alumni regulars’ table in Styria (Steiermark – a state in Austria). The varied group of persons attending the regulars’ table make it possible to hold discussions on specific subjects on site, talk to like-minded persons, and attend cultural events together. Personally I appreciate the opportunities of personal communication, establishing professional contacts, exchanging views, or just being there – in the network of graduates of Danube University Krems."

Graduate of Management in Health Care


Inge Mitterhöfer-Gneist, MSc

On-site care of the Alumni Regulars‘ Table Graz

Mitterh _fer-gneist"As a passionate networker I have been a member of the Alumni Club of Danube University Krems for several years. With 19 years of experience in setting up, developing and completing projects in the social profit sector and in adult education, I am very glad to be responsible for the local organisation of the Alumni regulars’ table in Burgenland (a state in Austria). Since talking to people has become a very precious event, the conversations held at the Alumni regulars’ table are something very special. A hallmark of the meetings is the fact that we always have exciting and interesting conversations of high quality between Alumni Club members."

Graduate Social Management



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