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Notice of continuation to studies within the duration of studies stipulated in the curriculum

Your registration for studies per semester takes place automatically after timely payment of your participation fee – please see your invoice for terms of payment.



In the event you are enrolled in several studies courses, it is imperative to quote the relevant course of studies (studies code) to ensure correct allocation of the payment.


Once your payment has been posted, the status for this semester on your student account (DUK Online) will change to “registered”. You can access your documents: student leaflet, confirmation of studies and time confirmation of studies in the sector confirmations of studies. The student ticket for your student ID will be sent to you by mail.


Please note that continuation of your studies will only be possible after timely payment of the full amount. Payments that are not made in a timely manner or in full as prescribed can unfortunately not be considered – you will lose your admission to study!