The European Green Deal, which is an action plan initiated by the European Commission, aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050. Austria wants to achieve this goal already by 2040. In Austria, the  building sector accounts for about ten per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions (presented in CO2e).

In this seminar, you will learn how to evaluate, reduce, and neutralize the impact climate has on a building and the building’s energetic functioning over its entire life cycle. Given an example object, the greenhouse gas emissions of different building energy systems and construction methods are explained and calculated.

This academic continuing education course aims to impart the knowledge needed to immediately apply it in the planning practice. In doing so, you will make an important contribution to achieving the climate targets.

During the two days, the participants have the opportunity to exchange their professional knowledge and experience in order to communicate and present, not only the numerical values, but also the measures on the way to climate neutrality in an objective manner.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of construction technology, calculation of energy performance certificates.

This advanced course is part of the one-semester university course "Multi-Floor Timber Frame Hybrid Construction, CP” and can be booked individually.

Participation fee
380 € (inkl. Lehrunterlagen, Energieausweis-Schulungslizenz)
14 December 2023


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