The bachelor's degree program "Applied Counseling Sciences, BPr" provides students with in-depth knowledge and practical tools for psychosocial counseling. It is aimed at people with relevant professional experience - even without a general university entrance qualification (Matura) - and prepares students to obtain a professional license in Life and Social Counseling.

The focus of the program is on current theoretical models of counseling sciences, which are taught in an application-oriented manner, enabling practical action, complementing and expanding the students' (further) professional activities. Key areas include psychological foundations as well as biopsychosocial approaches in the context of counseling and stress research. In addition, students acquire a comprehensive repertoire of interventions for family counseling, group counseling, counseling in cases of abuse, bullying, and so on. It is possible to tailor the program to the professional field in which the student works by choosing elective modules. In addition, guided model situations are used to raise awareness and to work through group and rank dynamic processes that are important for practical consulting work in organizational structures and can be tested in an internship. The training is rounded off by socio-philosophical and ethical elements that encourage reflection on one's own practical work.

Overall, the program is designed to professionalize basic counseling professions and functions that are highly relevant to society and to enable its graduates to guide people in their concerns by providing informed and constructive counseling. In a complex, rapidly changing, globalized environment, crisis developments are increasingly shaping the daily lives of individuals. A high degree of adaptation and individual coping strategies are required and call for competent support by comprehensively trained counselors, leading us to expect a sharp increase in the need for counseling in the coming years. Graduates of this program therefore make a fundamental contribution to the prevention of health problems in society as a whole.

Target group

The course is designed for people who want to work professionally with other individuals in coping with difficult life situations, who want to develop their skills in life and social counseling, and who want to obtain a trade license. It is intended for persons with relevant professional qualifications in the social sector, in health care, education, training, coaching and/or adult education, or with several years of relevant professional experience. This study program is also open to prospective students without a general university entrance qualification (Matura). For more information, please visit our information page.

This course is taught in German, therefore an excellent level of the German language is required. Please visit our German website for more detailed information.

Course options
Bachelor Professional
Learning format
6 semesters, part time
EUR 16.900,--
Winter semester 2024/25
Study location
University for Continuing Education Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems
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