These days, CROSSMEDIA* means a combination of new developments in the field of social and visual media, for which Web 2.0, virtual reality, branded entertainment, viral media, visual music, scientific visualization, micro movies and applications such as YouTube, Google Earth, flickr and Facebook stand. The application of cross-media strategies in culture or media increasingly requires an apprehension on the social importance of visual and participative media use. Moreover, cross media links new developments permeating the participatory and convergent culture, digital media literacy, media-convergent strategies, transmedia storytelling, media law and cyber law and cross media management. Leading international experts like Lev MANOVICH, Marie-Luise ANGERER, J.C. HUTCHINS, Henry JENKINS, Marcus S. KLEINER, Natascha ADAMOWSKI, Daniela AA. CAVIGLIA, Mortiz STEFANER, Oliver GRAU and Ramón REICHERT impart the potentials of participatory and convergent media use, production and distribution.

* Subject to the approval of the Senate

Target group

The course aims to impart digital media literacy to individuals coming from the cultural and media sector who want to explore practice-oriented approaches and develop cross-media strategies.

Course option
Certified Program
Expert Program
Master of Science
Admission requirements
Study or work experience according to regulations
Study or work experience according to regulations
Study or work experience according to regulations
Learning format
2 Semester, part time
3 Semester, part time
4 Semester, part time
Course fee
EUR 4.850,--
EUR 7.850,--
EUR 11.400,--
Summer semester 2021
Summer semester 2021
Summer semester 2021
German and English
German and English
German and English
Regulation (Curriculum)
Study location
Danube University Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems

Administrative assistance

Cornelia Zierlinger

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Please feel free to contact us directly.

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scientific direction


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