The content of the course

The participants should be able to identify psychological views and approaches and distinguish these from other psychological disciplines. They should be able to extrapolate the benefit, potential application and limitations of psychological diagnostics. They should be able to apply basic psychological perception patterns to business scenarios. The participants are able to apply the tools they learned to deal with cultural differences in an intercultural approach.

Students should be able to classify different approaches and interpretations of the topic financial system, money, irrationality of human decisions, and reflect on the role of health and life balance in economic terms.

Participants can interpret financial balances and recognize optimization potential from these. Additionally, they receive basic business administration knowledge in cost management and are in a position to optimize their business performance skills according to their personal goals.

By building on the most important theoretical principles, participants can analyze work-related problems in the field of service management in a structured way.

Participants design specific work and organizational-psychological measures to develop an organization, their potential application, opportunities and limitations.

Action competencies in market-psychological projects for consulting or intervention are applied.

Students are empowered to independently assess and critically analyze different advertising forms and to train appropriate action competencies in advertising-psychological projects.

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