First Steps for Application

1. Contact us

To check if this course suits you and if you are having all requirements for an application please contact us and/or read the FAQ (at the end of this site)

2. DIGITAL Transmission of Application documents

Please prepare the following documents for your application

  1. Participation fee document*

  2. Europass-CV*

  3. Letter of Intent *

  4. Copy of Passport

  5. Medical Certificate 

  6. Application for Admission (This document generates automatically as soon as you upload all other documents in the system. This document has to be signed an uploaded including all pages.)

*please find links below


other documents


After receipt of the application documents, you will be invited by the course management to the personal admission interview.


In the assessment procedure to check the entry competences, it is checked whether the applicants meet the admission requirements specified in the curriculum.

more information



After successful completion of the application process, you will receive the "Confirmation of compliance with the admission requirements". For admission to the degree programme, the presentation of all required documents and the booking of the participation fee are required. For all information on admission, please visit the following page:

more information


We look forward to receiving your application and wish you all the best for your studies!


1) The University diploma takes one year; I am fully employed. Is it still possible to inscribe into this University course?

yes, indeed this is possible. Teaching is blocked into four blocks throughout one year consisting of full day lectures from Thursday to Saturday. These days you must be available for following the lectures. Based also on the pandemic if you are unable to come to Austria for these periods of teaching the university offers blended learning and you may follow the courses online. All the exams with exemption of the final exam are offered online. Therefore, this University course is compatible with full employment in any part of Europe.

2) I am not living in Austria. Do I have to stay in Austria following this University course?

The University offers blended learning. Therefore, there is no need to live in Austria to follow this University course. The University of continuous Education has more than a decade of experience in offering international post-graduate University courses and this know-how is also applied to this University course.

3) I am already board certified. Can I still follow your university degree?

This University course offers specialized clinical knowledge on autonomic nervous system disorders not broadly available. It is offered to residents and specialists of all medical doctors’ disciplines.

4) I am a nurse practitioner; may I follow this University course?

We are sorry not to be able to in matriculate you in this course. this course is focused on students that have finished a medical University and hold a medical doctor’s degree.

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