Internationalization and globalization are central social processes and fields of action of the 21st century. Understanding complex economic, societal and political interrelationships and structures, as well as thinking in terms of networking to furthermore apprehend implications and dealings of challenges are important competencies for managers to plan strategically.


Graduates of the Global Studies university course are able to describe the phenomenon of globalization in its many aspects and explain the reciprocity of individual social processes and dimensions. They know of historical and current developments and are able to define social challenges within individual fields of action, define goals for the respective environment and draw up appropriate planning.


Applications possible until August 31st, 2021.


Target group

Managers and executives in the following areas:

  • Politics and administration
  • International Economy
  • Strategic Management
  • Advocacy groups
  • International Organizations
  • Development cooperation
  • Global Competences and Management

Information about study grants

Course option
Master of Arts in Global Studies
Certified Program
Admission requirements
Study according to regulations
Study or work experience according to regulations
Learning format
4 Semester, part time
2 Semester, part time
Course fee
EUR 10.200,--
EUR 3.600,--
Presence phases
Winter semester 2021/22
Summer semester 2021
German and English
German and English
Regulation (Curriculum)
Study location
Danube University Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems

scientific direction

administrative assistance

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