The ability to prepare information and media in such a way that they can be optimally used by the respective target groups is developing into a central success factor for organisations. In order to achieve this, as an information designer you will deal in depth with the phenomena and theories of design and information processing. You will conceive media in such a way that the respective target group can use the information contained as efficiently and effectively as possible. They see the world from the users' point of view and develop sustainable solutions for their information and communication needs.

The course integrates 'Hot Spots' practice-oriented design research with current hot topics of information design. These include, for example, data and information visualisation, image and text communication, design for all or the design of orientation systems in real and virtual spaces.

With this course you have the following competence profile:

  •     Integration of methodical, reflexive design processes
  •     Target group-oriented design of media and information
  •     Design development based on cognitive principles
  •     Fundamentals of Gestalt and Perception Psychology
  •     Application of usability engineering methods
  •     additional competences depending on your elective modules
Target group
  • Media and information designers
  • Employees from advertising, communication agencies, design and layout departments as well as from the media production and information sector
  • content managers
  • Managers in interface functions (marketing, editorial offices, etc.)
Course option
Master of Arts
Expert Program
Certified Program
Admission requirements
Study or work experience according to regulations
Study or work experience according to regulations
Study or work experience according to regulations
Learning format
4 Semester, part time
3 Semester, part time
2 Semester, part time
Course fee
EUR 14.900,--
EUR 9.900,--
EUR 5.400,--
Winter semester 2022/23
Summer semester 2023
Winter semester 2022/23
Summer semester 2023
Winter semester 2023/24
Summer semester 2023
Study location
University for Continuing Education Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems

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