Healthcare service providers - hospitals in particular - are facing huge challenges today. These include

*) intense financial pressure, because since the DRG system was introduced, reimbursement has not been based on actual cost but on case classifications. Reimbursement rates are falling due to demographical development.

*) Creation of clinic chains force hospitals to merge organizationally and technically.

*) Information technologies gain in significance in respect of medical equipment, billing, quality assurance, reporting and telemedicine.

*) Laws requiring the formation of multi-care centers, outpatient treatment and the electronic health card

However, these challenges not only affect hospitals, they affect everyone working in healthcare. This includes public health insurance companies, primary care and specialist practitioners as well as information technology and medical equipment suppliers. The world market for information technology in the healthcare sector was already worth 100 billion euros in 2002, accounting for almost 40% of the medical technology market.


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This very practice-oriented academic training, closely integrated into your profession, can change your life:
Your career will be turbocharged: graduates to date already profited during and shortly after their studies from promotions and attractive job offers. Your study program as the best of all possible investments. Become confident in your profession, technical terms and coherencies are clear to you. You apply your expertise and knowledge in methods in your profession while you study. You negotiate confidently and self-assuredly with your suppliers and customers.
You have a network of experts, fellow students and university staff at your fingertips that opens new doors for you and provides an opportunity to make friends. .
You view your life from a new perspective. And lifelong learning as something enriching.
You will charge your batteries for two years. Experience weeks of study you look forward to, giving you fresh impetus and expanding your horizons.

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