The factors for successful innovation management are manifold: Not only the size of the budget for research and development is important, but also the question of how well innovations are managed. This includes the competent use of methods to generate ideas, comprehensive market and technology monitoring, compliance with legal aspects (intellectual property rights management, patent protection, etc.) and professional project implementation.

They acquire the competence to control innovation processes on the basis of scientific principles and to develop innovative technologies, products and services. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the dimensions that have to be taken into account within the framework of comprehensive innovation management: Strategic innovation management and operational innovation management (idea generation, idea evaluation, idea implementation, idea exploitation). New international developments in innovation management such as "open innovation" and "service design" are also taken into account.

Bitte um Aufmerksamkeit Admissions to the previous continuing education courses at the University of Continuing Education Krems will be granted until the end of september 2023.

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