Lean Operations Management is based on the fundamentals of the "Toyota Production System". The core idea is to ensure a waste-free value chain for the production of industrial goods and the provision of services. This goal is achieved through the consistent application of a bundle of lean principles and lean methods. It is important that the entire value creation network - including customers and suppliers - is included in the considerations.

They will be enabled to select and apply the theories, concepts, instruments and solutions that are necessary for a waste-free design of processes and have been tried and tested in practice. In addition to acquiring the necessary specialist and methodological skills, you will also develop the ability to anchor lean thinking in organisations on a sustainable basis. Written papers build bridges between theory, methods and practical implementation.

The goal is to create an organizational culture that ensures that existing structures, processes and behaviors are constantly questioned with regard to their value contribution for the customer. At the same time, respect for people is maintained in every effort to improve profitability.

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