In response to societal, political and economic developments, the university course aims at equipping students with the necessary competencies and methods for managing and leading healthcare facilities, enabling them to successfully deal with the upcoming challenges in the healthcare system. The university course imparts relevant management concepts and leadership aspects for leading healthcare facilities effectively and successfully, whereby the connection between theory and practice is consistently demonstrated and made.

In addition, the university course furthers students’ technical, professional, and personal continuing professional development on an academic basis while acquainting students with specialized and application-oriented skills for leading long-term care facilities.

Course option
Master of Science in Health Care Management
Master of Business Administration
Admission requirements
Study or an equivalent qualification according to regulations
Study or an equivalent qualification according to regulations
Learning format
4 Semester, part time
6 Semester, part time
Course fee
EUR 11.950,--
EUR 14.950,--
max. 24
max. 24
Study location
University for Continuing Education Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems
External partners

European Association for Directors and Providers of Long-Term Care Services for the Elderly

The E.D.E. is an international umbrella organisation representing national associations for directors and providers of long-term care services in Europe.One of its major tasks is to promote the exchange of information and experience among its members and facilitate mutual learning. As professionals we seek to improve the quality of care and supervision.To do so it is important to look beyond our own "national noses". Common training standards, reciprocal visits and observation, congresses and symposia all foster professionalism among care home directors and a greater understanding of the various forms of care and assistance. Creating humane living and working conditions in our homes is a vision toward which we are mutually striving in the E.D.E.

Tanja Moser

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