The complete continuing education course to qualify as a legal health care expert

Legal issues in the medical field have increasingly taken center stage in the past few decades. The ongoing process of legal regulation in almost all areas of medicine and the growing complexity of the related legal matter has led to the development of a new academic discipline: "medical law". This discipline deals with the entirety of the legal rules that directly or indirectly relate to medical practice. This requires an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary inclusion of constitutional law, administrative law, European law, international law, civil law, criminal law, labor law, social law and legal ethics aspects of the medical profession. It also covers (business) processes in health care. The university course in medical law offers everyone confronted with these legal matters in their professional life in-depth and practice-oriented additional training in health and medical law.

Target group

University and college graduates in all fields of study, as well as medical professionals working in health care and hospitals, business pharmaceutical sectors, special interest groups, patient advocacy, federal, local, communal governments and social insurance carriers.

Course option
Master of Legal Studies
Admission requirements
Study or an equivalent qualification according to regulations
Learning format
4 Semester
Course fee
EUR 11.900,--
Winter semester 2022/23
Regulation (Curriculum)
Study location
University for Continuing Education Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems

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