Media Arts Cultures, MA (EMJMD)

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Excellent students from all over the world access a challenging learning and research training experience to become global citizens. They will have access to training, facilities and expertise not available in one academic setting alone and only possible through the consortium cooperation and the inclusion of an unparalleled network. Students benefit from a diversity of approaches and high-quality interaction in the socio-economic environment of Media Arts Cultures. Furthermore, students have an opportunity to develop a range of valuable knowledge and (cultural) skills that significantly enhance their future employability. Committed to a balance between thorough research training and creative practice, MediaAC prepares students to engage in the field directly as well as moving on to the PhD level.Partner Unis

Course option
Master of Arts in Media Arts Cultures
Admission requirements
Study according to regulations
Learning format
4 semesters
Course fee
EUR 16.000,--
Regulation (Curriculum)

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