Master of Arts (MedienKunstGeschichte - MediaArtHistories)
Master of Arts (MediaArtHistories - Advanced)
Certified Program

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The content of the course

MediaArtHistories in an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of digital technology and humanities disciplines, MediaArtHistories examines the knowledge frontiers of new media, digital, and electronic art. It addresses the scientific discovery and technological innovation that emerge as part of these art practices and productions, as well as the genealogies of their historical development and context. At a time when digital technologies are fundamentally revolutionizing the very ways in which we communicate, interact, and perceive images, the MediaArtHistories program trains students from diverse backgrounds to critically analyze the visual media cultures of today.

Connecting theory with practice

Since its beginnings in 2006, Danube University’s prestigious MediaArtHistories program has offered its students both a deeper critical comprehension and a practical orientation regarding the most important developments of this most contemporary art, by building on its faculty network of renowned international theorists, artists, and curators. These faculty come from across the globe to give seminars during the modules held at Danube University, and from their home universities maintain through online network and project collaboration individualized instruction with students throughout the program.


Programs of Study 2019/2020

Programs of Study 2019/2020

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Special Enrollment

For Working Professionals -
Applicants are eligible for enrollment with a previous degree or with at least 4 years relevant work experience.

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