Successful corporate management demands good leadership requiring skills and the ability of contributing as a team member to the project’s success from those responsible. A primary goal of this study trip is to point out the strengths and weaknesses, which individually occur in different leadership styles, and to evaluate and improve interpersonal cooperation.


  • (Intercultural) Leadership
  • Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication
  • Team Building and Team Management
  • Concrete application examples of ethics
  • Methods and models of experience-based learning approaches

Learning result

You can reflect on your own leadership style, classify and shape it through this experience-based learning approach. In addition, working with American students promotes an understanding of interpersonal and intercultural communication and provides insight into ethical issues.

Graduation Certificate of performance
Learning formats Blended learning (COVID-19 Info)
ECTS points 7
Participation fee EUR 2,000.00
Jahrgang 2022/23 Voraussichtlich:
30/05/2023 - 09/06/2023
Language English