The alumni, students and lecturers of our study programme "Music for Applied Media" (before "Music for Film & Media") form an extensive network that has lead to many innovative projects and business ideas. This network will be highly supportive in developing own business careers and  professional networks.

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„Music for Applied Media is the marvellous master program which takes my music career to the next level!“

Hua-Chun Fan (Fion) - student

research and development specialist at MusicGurus (London, UK)

Wolfgang Setik, Film / TV Composer

„I can recommend this program to everybody who wants to find ways to push their careers as musicians or who wants to become a big part in the music industry.“

Victor Gangl - graduate

film and tv composer, music producer for Universal Music und EMI

Master Theses

Wilhelm von Dungen  

Mixing music and audio versus orchestration: a similar endeavor  

Stylianos Kanitsakis  

A comparative audio analysis of video games at different platforms  

Wolfgang Setik  

The relevance of simplicity of sonic profiles in sound branding
concerning detection of brands. Why the ”less is more” approach works more effectively in sound branding!  

Hsieh-Chien Wang  

Minimalist Aesthetic in Films  

Clemens Wenger  

Hybrid Scoring. ...From the DAW to Score... A Contemporary Method of Scoring Electroacoustic Music  

Andreas Winkler  

Drum Programming versus Remote Recording of Drums  

Da lu Zhao  

Chinese Pentatonic Scale its Applicable Harmonic Language and its use in Chinese Films

Alumni Club at Danube University Krems

Being a graduate of the Danube University Krems you are part of a network encompassing over 13.500 alumni. The Alumni Club offers numerous possibilities to take active advantage of the network by establishing new private and job-related contacts and staying in touch with your mates, lecturers and Danube University staff members.

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