Frequently Asked Questions

Is Danube University Krems a public or private university?

What distinguishes Danube University Krems from other Austrian universities?

How is academic continuing education distinguished, as it is provided at universities from continuing education in general?

What is a university course within continuing education?

Which university course can I chose?

Are the Master's degrees qualified?

What admission requirements must I consider in order to study at Danube University Krems?

Am I permitted to use the Master's degree of the Continuing Education by name?

Is the Master's degree recognized abroad (e. g. Germany)?

Are university courses achievements recognized for regular studies?

Does the Danube University Krems also carry out basic studies/bachelor's degree courses?

Does Danube University Krems also offer PhD programs?

Why does Danube University Krems raise course fees?

Are any scholarships or other funding provided at Danube University Krems?

Where do I find information about the courses of studies and where can I register?

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