The modularly structured “Physiotherapy” university course aims to provide students with more in-depth, specialized, applied, academic and practical skills in physiotherapy.

The content is designed around the main objective of imparting current research results and methods required for academic work in physiotherapy. At the same time the necessary connection between theory and practice in the application-oriented areas of physiotherapy are demonstrated.

The content is built on the previous professional experience of the students, and the functional relationships in the fields of health education, prophylaxis, therapy and rehabilitation. These particularly include mechanotherapeutic measures such as kinesiatrics, perception, manual joint therapy, respiratory therapy, all types of remedial massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, ultrasound therapy, all electro, thermo, photo, hydro and balneo therapeutic measures, job-related diagnosis procedures and participating in electro diagnostic examinations. Advising and educating the healthy population in the named regions without medical prescription are also taught.
Students learn both pathogenetic and salutogenetic approaches and management concepts such as academic and analytical concepts in the field of physiotherapy (taking into account political and business economics, information technology, legal basis and framework conditions).

Target group

The university course targets physiotherapists with pertinent professional qualification and is held in German only.

Course option
Master of Science in Physiotherapie
5 semesters
Course fee
EUR 12.900,--
Study location
University for Continuing Education Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems
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