Practice Guidance and Mentoring in Health Care

Certified Program
Expert Program

The advanced training course enables nurses to gain vocational pedagogical skills in order to acquire the necessary theoretical and practical skills to professionally support pupils, students and new employees in their practical or vocational training.

The instructor plans, controls and evaluates the practical training process on his or her own responsibility, taking into account the training plan of various nursing training courses. The individual learning needs of the learners are determined and learning objectives are formulated together with the learner. The competence level of learners is evaluated regularly. The instructor is able to support learners individually and according to their level of training, she/he takes part in intermediate and final assessments and in the practical diploma examination and is responsible for the trainees in the institution and represents them within the institution-specific hierarchy. Furthermore, she/he ensures the cooperation with the training centre.

In addition to the competences listed in the certificate programme, the "academic instructors" acquire the competence to work as lecturers in educational institutions of nursing. They deepen their knowledge in dealing with supportive attitudes and aspects of constructivist, action-oriented didactics in adult education, especially in the area of "mentoring situations". The completion of the one-semester Certified Program is equivalent to the further training according to § 64 Health and Nursing Act (BGBl. I No. 108/1997 as amended by BGBl. I No. 87/2016).

Target Group

Senior Health and Nursing Staff

Course Options
Certified Program
Expert Program
Admission requirements
Study or work experience according to regulations
Study or work experience according to regulations
Learning format
2 Semester, part time
3 Semester, part time
Course fee
EUR 3.200,--
EUR 7.300,--
max. 24
max. 24
24 February 2020
on Demand
Study location
Danube University Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems


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